Manage your life through our Myhive App

The world of activations and brand experiences is a click away. The best and easiest way to make extra money is now at your fingertips.

  • App for IOS & Android
  • Only apply for jobs you want
  • Receive jobs only applicable to your area
  • Book jobs on the go wherever you are
  • Become a premium contractor for those high paying jobs

Track payments

How nice to now have a big brother software that insures you of your funds and show what money is owed to you and what you still need to be paid for.

  • Through the app we track all monies that is owed to you
  • Never worry anymore about not getting paid
  • The software holds your activation company accountable to pay you

All information at your fingertips

No more being in the dark – all information and brand touch points with outlets’ details and contacts is now yours – yes we aim to please.

  • All the data you need at your fingertips
  • Date, time and GPS directions to the venue
  • Contacts of people you are working with and if you need assistance
  • Video tutorials and information on how to activate at the activation
  • Brand information and tutorials so that you can educate yourself

No more paper

Your activation work life will now be one of the great work experiences of your life – yup, our technology has taken away all the admin.  You can thank us later.

  • Feedback forms are tracked via the app, which means no more paperwork
  • Data syncs live and you can take photos, check in and fill in the activation info required to get paid