Manage your business

Now you have total control of your entire operation and business with the world’s ultimate promotion management software.

  • Complete portal access to manage your promotions and promoters
  • Dashboard views for a real time view on what’s going on
  • Easy to plan and manage your clients and workforce
  • Built in performance dashboards to make your life easier
  • You now have total control to manage each step of the activation

Recruit & manage promoters (App)

Your business can now scale and recruiting staff has never been this easy. You will be thinking to yourself, “how did I recruit staff before Myhive?”

  • Now you can recruit the best promoter staff via the Myhive app
  • See who is your best workers and reward them accordingly
  • Built in push notifications to remind staff of up and coming activations
  • No more calling and SMS to staff activations our app does all the work for you

Manage payments from clients and promoters too

Financial systems and procedures have been developed to ensure you pay staff on time and can follow up on all monies owed to you by your clients.

  • Easy to use financial dashboard of outstanding monies owed to you
  • Upload and manage payments to all your staff for work done
  • We assist to make running your business easy and streamlined, so that you don’t have to

Control your prizes, clothing activation equipment

The nightmare of stock control for all your clients’ prizes and merchandise, has now been solved, and you can sleep easy now knowing Myhive has all these aspects under control.

  • Now you can track and list all your brand clothing and prizes
  • Easy to check out to staff and check-in – now you have full control of all your promotion material
  • We know the headache this aspect can cause and we fixed it just for you

Feedback reports

No more paperwork and endless hours getting your staff to manually fill in feedback forms because Myhive is in the cloud this is captured and submitted live. And immediately.

  • No more spending hours manually capturing all the data
  • The feedback form is done via our mobile app and syncs live to the cloud
  • Easy to send reports to your clients and full overview reporting on the entire campaign