Myhive software management platform where brands and agencies run activation campaigns, promote products and capture consumer feedback and behaviour data.

There are millions of promotional activations being implemented around the world on a daily basis.
Yet there has been no software to manage the entire process until now. Myhive is the solution and our technology from our back end system to our apps, enables all stakeholders to have control and be  accountable through the entire promotion lifecycle.

Companies and Brands

Total control of all your promotional activity for your brands and business.

  • Management Portal
  • Custom Campaigns or Ad-Hoc Events
  • Reports, Analytics and Data Integration
  • Total control
  • Real time
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Measure and track ROI
  • Align all your activation companies
  • Gamify your activations
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Agencies and Promotional Companies

You can now scale your business and the ease of managing the entire process is now fun and Myhive tracks everything for you.

  • Manage your business
  • Promotional Contractors
  • Streamline your  business management
  • Eliminate time and waste
  • Receive expert support
  • Cross Platform software – easy access
  • Online feedback forms – no more paper
  • Recruit and manage staff
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Promotional Contractors

“Finally an app that allows me to book and work where I want to and updates on all my payments” – Myhive is there to make your promo life easier.

  • Mobile App to manage your life on the go
  • View jobs in your area
  • Get paid
  • Manage all your activations via the mobile app
  • Receive exact details and track your work
  • Manage your payments for work done
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We focus on aligning and streamlining the 3 key stakeholders of a successful promotion…
Brands, Agencies and Promotional Contractors

Brands we work with